About Us

Our Staff



Bo founded LTC and began serving the people of Ukiah in 2001. In 2006, he expanded the business and changed the name to RespecTech. Bo is an expert in nearly all aspects of technology, his skills ranging from creating circuits to programming software. Bo is married and a father to 4 children. He enjoys biking and spending time with his family.



Brian joined the team in April, 2019. He has been involved in technology management since the 90's, working for companies like HP, Earthlink, Pearson, and Powerschool. He is a certified project manager with certifications in Six Sigma and Agile. When not at work, he enjoys spending time with his wife and children, gardening, studying Aikedo, composing music, photography and drone piloting.


System Administrator

Ryan started working at RespecTech in 2011. He specializes in installing and maintaining VoIP phone systems, business networks, and servers, although he also preforms a wide variety of other tasks. Ryan is often found helping people resolve their computer issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Senior Technician

Phillip has been working under RespecTech since 2010. He is RespecTech's jack-of-all-trades technician, his assignments ranging from simple computer repairs to large scale networking jobs. When Phillip isn't working, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children.


Mac Technician

Greg began work at RespecTech in 2014. He specializes in repairing Mac computers, although he also does a lot of work on PC's. Greg enjoys working with people, and his customers know him as friendly and helpful. It is commonly heard that Greg's customers enjoyed working with him, and they often request to do so again.



Eric is our newest addition, starting in 2020. He specializes in hardware repair, replacement, diagnostics and data transfer He enjoys helping customers and making technology the best that it can be. When he isn't working he enjoys boxing,building computers and programming.



Will joined the RespecTech team in 2019. He is in charge of letting people know about the services that we offer here at RespecTech. If you want to start saving money on your monthly phone bill, or hire us as your IT company, Will will set you up with the right solution for your company.

Our History

Respectech began as a company called "LTC", or "Lechnowsky Technical Consulting", in April of 2001. Bo Lechnowsky, the founder of the company, worked to serve many different people and businesses around Ukiah. At the time, Bo was the only one working under the name of LTC. Over the course of several years, LTC began to grow. In addition to Bo, three other people began working for LTC. Since LTC did not have a physical storefront, it became more and more difficult to manage the business. In 2006, Bo opened Respectech at 245 East Perkins Street.

When Respectech first opened, it had a fully staffed Café. The Respectech Café sold many delicious treats such as coffee, desserts, smoothies, and sandwiches. It also offered free internet and computer rentals. Customers would frequently check their computers in for repair, and then grab a drink and a bite to eat from the Café while they waited for their repair to complete. Unfortunately, the Café had to be significantly downsized in 2012, now only providing snacks and canned drinks. However, Respectech continued to offer free internet use and in-shop computer rentals.

Respectech has grown considerably throughout the years, now not only providing computer repair services to the Ukiah area, but also providing services to the surrounding towns and counties. In addition, Respectech offers more services than ever such as Voice over Internet Protocol phone systems, remote backups, and business support contracts. Respectech even provides remote service to several out-of-state clients.

Our Goal

Our goal is to serve the people of Lake and Mendocino Counties by providing quick, affordable, and professional assistance for a wide range of technologies. Here at Respectech, we strive to ensure the satisfaction of our customers above all else. We aspire to help our customers leave our shop happier than when they came in by providing the most effective and least expensive solutions for every computer problem.